I have been a client of Sanford's ever since I moved to Los Angeles. I moved west hoping to improve my health, as I had been through a very long and grueling battle with chronic Lyme Disease. My health and life has greatly improved every since my weekly treatments with Sanford. I took his suggestions and advice through my pregnancy, and daily routine. I see him now for tune ups, and it is such an honor to be in the hands of such a knowledgeable, authentic, expert healer. I trust Sanford implicitly and recommend him for anyone who wants to feel the best they can feel inside and out!

Ally Hilfiger

Sanford has been a huge source of healing for my daughters and I. His healing energy work and hands on sessions have alleviated a multitude of ailments. His knowledge on supplements and how to heal holistically is unparalleled. I feel so blessed to know Sanford and credit him for my health today.  

Shiva Rose

Sanford is a truly wise and educated healer. I had 23 year old injuries from ballet that had been aggravated by past body workers who were unfortunately not as knowledgeable as Sanford. I was lucky enough to be recommended by a friend and became able to trust him enough to do work which has allowed me to avoid surgery for a deviated septum.  I can now breathe and walk the most comfortably since I was nine. He has increased my quality of life, I would recommend him to anyone.

Elizabeth Jagger

Out of all the physiotherapist and rolfers I've seen Sanford has made the most dramatic difference to how I feel in my body. He has by far surpassed any expectations I would ever have for a body worker.

Georgia May Jagger

As a former professional athlete I've spent hundreds of hours working with different PT's from all over the world....Sanford has a gift.  His sessions are transformative both physically and spiritually. I will not go to anyone else. 

Rush Zimmerman

As a professional dancer and survivor of a motorcycle accident, I have seen many physical therapists, massage therapists, rolfers, and chiropractors to both rehabilitate and maintain my physical health.  Sanford is the best.  His knowledge of the body and its functionality surpasses anyone I have ever worked with.

Courtney "Fox" Sinclair

I am 35 years old.  I had a herniated disk in L5/S1 a couple years back which had healed.  However, I was still in pain.  When I saw Sanford, he gently unlocked the tension and advised me on movements, as well as supplements which would facilitate healing.  I felt amazing immediately fallowing the bodywork.  And, combined with the recommendations he gave me,  I have, in a small amount of time (just a couple of months), have fully restored agility and lack of pain to my lower back going all the way back to my teenage years! Sanford is very informative and relaxing.  Clearly he has a master's grasp on his craft.  

Sarabeth Stroller

After 77 years, I had given up, but through Structural Integration, I've discovered a whole new body. Sanford showed me choices I never knew existed. I am forever grateful. Thanks for the breath of my life.

Robert Ward, Retired

The depth of Sanford's incredible work brought an awareness and balance to my whole person, for which I am forever grateful. I find myself incorporating the work in everyday life, and on a very deep level.

Annika Kreuter, LMT

I used to have neck and shoulder pains daily, which often translated into headaches. My body now feels more in place and strong. I feel more solid on my feet and can concentrate better. I am more aware of my body. I do notice a big difference.

Patricia Highfill, Project Coordinator

After a severe whiplash accident I was practically immobile and in constant pain. I am forever grateful to Sanford for his incredible intuitive ability. I have regained most of my movement and pain is considerable reduced. Sanford Ponder's Structural Integration was life altering in the best way possible.

Suzy Karascik, MA. Psychology/Somatics, Dip. Comprehensive Nutrition

Sanford’s approach is very sensitive to my needs. I feel my body changing, adapting and growing after every session. I’ve been able to become more aware of my body. This awareness is helping me to retrain myself and not fall back into my old patterns.

Alanna Nowick, Designer

As one of the most talented body workers I've ever been with, Sanford was able to relieve my back pain where chiropractors, massage and yoga fell short.

Kevin Sullivan - Yoga Instructor

Sanford has the rare gift to combine a deep understanding and thorough analysis of structure with a skilled and knowing touch. His hands listen deeply. I felt taller, completely relaxed, and energized after his treatment sessions.

Uschi Schneider, Physical Therapist

I began to notice a new relationship with my self after the fourth or fifth visit. Following the series I am lighter, I FEEL more connections, more security, more ease in general. This new awareness of my 'gut feelings' spills over into my life and I'm altered in a most positive way.

Dr. Karen Tracy