All of the tools and recipes were developed by Sanford. You will practice at the retreat so that you feel confident in continuing this practice at home. 

8:00-8:30       Mix up a Dirt Cocktail & Practice Morning Meditation

9:00-9:30       Learn to brew and administer your own coffee enema

10:00-10:30   Learn what Ozone is all about and Receive a Treatment

11:00-11:30   Learn to Juice the right way and drink the Best Green Juice

12:00-1:30     Receive Body Work/Table Treatment

2:30-3:30       Learn to make a Powerful Super-food Smoothie


4:00-4:30       Experience an Infrared Sauna & Detoxification at its best

5:00-6:00       Experience the  Aquatic Flo Session

7:00                Juice

8:00                Press your own Evening Turmeric Drink

9:30                Sleep