Biodynamic Healing Retreat in Joshua Tree

Our retreat intensive is designed to help you move your life onto a productive Healing Path.  Make serious progress in the cleansing, replenishment, integration, and restoring of your natural fluid body.  But more importantly, learn how to take home the knowledge and confidence necessary to forge along a new healing path of your own.

Each day you will experience Aquatic Therapy, Structural Bodywork, Far Infrared Detox, Fresh Organic Green Juice, Superfood Smoothie, Ozone, Essential Nutritional Information and more. 

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Hosted by Sanford & Alanna Ponder, The Joshua Tree Healing Path has been created specifically to offer a sanctuary where an individual may receive "Biodynamic Healing" Therapies in a comfortable "learn by doing" environment, free from distraction. 

It's all about You!  Experience a unique program, set away from external distractions, designed for only One person at a time.  We will focus on your needs with no distractions!  

Retreat packages are 3 or 5 days.  We recommend that you make this journey solo, however, in certain circumstances it may be permissible to have a partner or caregiver stay with you for the duration.

About the space

Your comfortable living quarters are decorated with local art and mid century modern furniture. Amenities include Far Infrared heated queen sized bed, kitchen, living room, private bathroom with walk-in shower and desert landscaped patio. Access to the healing center is through a door in your area which opens onto the flo pool. Walk further and you will see the rinse showers, infrared sauna and juicing kitchen/meeting area. Finally, a few steps down leads you to the treatment area, a room allowing you to see level with the ground and feel nestled within earth. 

Please understand when coming for a retreat that I am Not your Doctor.  I am not prescribing any cures for any conditions.  My role is to help introduce you to some of the basics of natural self care and to point you to sources of information that may help you achieve your goals.  My aim is to motivate you towards self responsibility and action on your healing path. I strongly recommend that you work with a qualified physician when addressing any serious health challenge.