Photography by Jennifer Whitney


Biodynamic Aquatic Flo-Work


Float into bliss with a biodynamic healing approach. 

Float into bliss with a unique addition to the biodynamic healing approach. The flo pool is a warm water therapy pool designed for pure healing work. When one floats in warm water, free from gravity, the inherent subtle rhythms in the system, the flo, becomes more accessible as well as more responsive to perception and interaction.

Every living thing, system, or sub-system has a flo.  And the integrity of that flo determines the functionality, or health, of that living thing. The quality of flo may be observed on many levels.  Any restriction or perturbation within or between levels of flo will eventually cause a functional deficit or dis-ease.  And by optimizing the flo we areoptimizing the true healing potential.

In essence, flo is what happens when presence moves with coherence and continuity through time.

For A fluid body, an open heart, and a clear head!