Your mind, body & soul.

Biodynamic Healing Work.  Structural Bodywork, Aquatic Flo-work, & Private Retreats.

Body Work Sessions

My signature table sessions are a unique synthesis of Structural Integration (Rolfing), Biodynamic CranioSacral, and Orthopedic work.

Each session is a recognition of the client's needs in the moment balanced with the client's goals moving forward.

Can't get to Joshua Tree for a session? Sanford is available for house calls in Los Angeles. Advanced appointments only. 

Retreat in Joshua Tree

This retreat is uniquely designed for only one person at a time. It's all about you. We focus on your needs with no distractions!

Receive daily Aquatic Therapy, Structural Bodywork, Far Infrared Detox, Meditation, Nutritional Information and more.

You will be taught how to juice properly and work with Super-foods. Juice Feasting and Super-foods begin a deep cleansing and rejuvenation process. What you learn here you can easily implement in your personal routine.

Aquatic Flo-Work

Unwind and float away into a state  of bliss in the Flo Pool! Experience a synthesis of Biodynamic touch, Watsu, Waterdance, and Bioenergetics.

Aquatic Flo Work is an essential component of our Biodynamic Retreat at our location in Joshua Tree.

The pool contains ionized water that is free from chemicals.